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Prices & Services 2018

See details at the bottom of each trail description

Pululahua Exploration Trail A             (1 day)                        95,-- USD           single fee     155,-

Moonshine Ride                                       (1 day/night)          160,-- USD           single fee     245,-

Pululahua Exploration Trail B              (2 days)                    250,-- USD           single fee    365,-  

The Trefoil Trail                                        (3 days)                   385,-- USD           single fee    525,-

The 4-leave Trefoil Trail                          (4 days)                   540,-- USD           single fee    735,- 

Sacred Valley Ride                                     (3 days)                   575,-- USD 

Hike, Ride, Explore                                    (4 days)                  595,-- USD  

Secrets of the Andes Ride                         (8 days)                 1550,-- USD     single fee 2250,-

Additional nights with meals, beverages and private return drive to Quito:        70,- USD

Private airport transfer to/from the ranch                                                                   55,- USD

For all tours prices include:

  • transport from and to Quito
  • an accompanying provisions vehicle for the whole tour
  • transportation of the horses where necessary
  • full catering during the tour, all meals and beverages
  • accommodation in farms, hotels, reserve lodges and tents according to itinerary
  • your horse and its equipment
  • the tour guide and helpers 
  • multilingual tour leader
  • entrance to national parks, pools and other fees
  • use of wellington/rubber boots, helmets, hats, chaps and other equipment

Not included:

  • travel insurance
  • breakfast of the first / dinner of the last day
  • extra drinks
  • extra services
  • tips

Our prices are calculated as low as possible but as high as necessary to offer fair pay to our employees, third outfitters and guides, give a certain support to the local community, to ensure your safety and well-being, to maintain trails, gear and transport vehicles in good estate, and most of all, to be able to keep our horses happy and healthy, cause they are what makes the difference in your experience!