Green Horse Ranch

...your horseback operator in Ecuador since 1995

About Us

The Green Horse Ranch is a German operated horse ranch, located at the bottom of a volcanic crater close to Quito, capital of Ecuador. We specialize on trail-rides through the Western Andes since 1995 and therefore are one of the oldest and highly experienced horse ride operators in the country.

Astrid Müller, owner of the ranch, lives in Ecuador since 1990 and went after her childhood-dream working with horses.

All of our knowledgeable international and local staff has life-long riding experience, wishing to make your holiday most enjoyable.

Astrid and Albrecht
Guides, volonteers, hosts

Our ranch is situated in the middle of the 6-kilometer-wide crater, on the equator - in middle-earth. All around the globe the equator line runs mainly through water and primeval forests. Besides Kenya it is the only country where it crosses rich and various hilly areas. You can findany type of climate and vegetation from eternal snows to virgin rain forest.

Pululahua Crater

The landscape is as diverse, breathtaking and dramatical, as only described in the sceneries of Tolkien’s novel „Lord of the Rings“. Though it was filmed on the southern island of New Zealand, the story plays in middle-earth and our riders consistently seem to discover the landscapes of the book during our rides.

Sometimes lovely and pictorial as in the Shire, sometimes mystical and mysterious as in Fagorn Forest, sometimes luminous and moving as in Rivendell, but also as cliffy, scant and eldritch as Moria.

Sméagol and Smaug

Therefore, they all are to be found with us: the Hobbits and Magicians, the Elves and Fairies, the Lords of Gondor and the Folk of Riders, the Dwarfs and Gnomes. They live in the names of our 27 horses whose characters are as different as the heroes of the story. Passionately, we always do our very best to choose the suitable horse for each of our guests.



To support these rides, logistics, care, training and the everyday work on our ranch, since 15 years we regularly look for horse-experienced trainees who would like towork with us for a couple of months. For more information see trainee_offer.pdf.