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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I make a reservation?

Send us an e-mail! You can use the contact form or simply write an e-mail to our adress listed at the bottom of every page. We're happy to give advise and answer all your questions before you make a decision. Once decided for a ride and date, we shall send you our reservation form, and only when this returns to us, we consider your booking binding. If you don't hear back from us within 48 hours after your inquiry, most likely we did not receive your message. In this case, please try again.

Where and when does the tour start and end?

All our packages include your private transport from and to Quito, however we don't provide a door to door service! Meeting point is at 9:00 am in front of Yellow House on street corners Foch and Juán León Mera in the new town center, just one block away from the well-known "Plaza Foch", if not advised differently. Return to Quito between 5 and 6 pm. So, be aware that our prices do not just cover your horseback ride, but all together a 9-hours round-trip. Driving time each way about 90 minutes.

What, if I have my own vehicle?

As there is no public transport system to our place, and the location is very remote and difficult to access, we offer the rides in combination with private transport. If you want to make your way on your own nevertheless, ask us for arrival instructions and calculate 1,5 to 2 hours drive from Quito. According trip price reduction will apply. In this case, you can also rent our horses by the hour.

How many hours do we actually spend in the saddle per day?

This depends on the chosen tour and your interests. Up to our 3-days Trefoil Trail, tour-length and riding pace are adaptable to group desires and therefore feasible for everyone. On the longer trail-rides, certain distances between starting and arrival point have to be covered, that's why these trips are rather designed for experienced riders. Riding time generally varies between 3 and 6 hours per day. Shorter rides for families with small children can be specially designed.

What, if I am a beginner or if the group has different riding levels?

As you can see in our section: "Our horses", we do have the right stud for any level. According to the booking information that you will send to us once decided for a date, we plan the best match of horse and rider, as well as a suitable riding loop. With the help of freelance guides and volonteers, we can also split the group into homogeneous parts if necessary.

What, if I'm a non-rider and want to accompany my friends/family to the farm or trip?

You're welcome to join, experience the volcano and the places we go by hiking or eventually by car with a 40% discount.

Can I bring my children?

Yes! We have broad experience in catering to family rides and adventures and count on some very tolerant horses that kindly watch over the young ones. We take children from the age of 6 years on their own horses; depending on size and experience, the still younger ones would have to ride with one of the parents. Routes and length of ride can be adjusted. Ask for your special family package.

Is there a maximum rider weight?

Yes.We'd like to take anyone riding with us through our amazing countryside, but the beauty of the scenery is based on its dramatic steep and demanding mountain panorama, which only small horses are able to handle. These conditions, combined with the lack of oxygen in high altitude, lead us to a maximum rider weight of 200 pounds. Slight exceptions can be made on the one-day-rides.

What do I need to bring?

Layers! - The average temperature in our riding area, located directly on the Equator, is the same all year round and generally very pleasant, yet there are big and quick temperature changes between sun-out, sun-off, day and night, or higher and lower elevation. Be prepared from hot to cold, dress comfortably and robust and bring good sun- and rain-protection. Long sleeves protect from insects, sun and thorns, long socks and sturdy trousers help against the rubbing of the stirrups and branches. Solid shoes with good grip. Sun-glasses, gloves, bandanna, camera, small water bottle and fanny-pack can be usefull. In the rainy season, you might enjoy a change of clothes for after the ride.

Can I lend any riding equipment from you?

Yes, you can. At the ranch, we do have a choice of hats, caps, helmets, chaps, boots and gloves at your disposition. Nevertheless, be aware that group equipment can sometimes be in poor estate or not fit you properly. Your own gear is always the best.

How do I pay?

As outfitters and not agents, we're not enabled to process credit cards in Ecuador. Neither does Paypal work in Ecuador, nor does our bank accept traveller checks anymore. Therefore, we can only give you the choice between paying in cash at the moment of arrival or pre-paying the trip via banking transfer or desposit in the case of longer trail rides. Of course, you can also book and pay the ride through an agency of your choice.

When paying in cash, please make sure you retrieve the money early enough, as sometimes cashier machines do not work for a couple of days, and we do not have the time to go "money-hunting" with our clients. Also, please be aware that when sending back the filled out reservation form to us, we consider your booking as binding and trust you will pay according cancellation fees in case of short term cancellation even without a credit-card garantee.

Are there any special discounts?

Yes, there are. When booking directly with us, we offer

10% discount for students at local schools and universities (in Ecuador)

10% for volonteers working for free in social projects in Ecuador

15% for groups with at least 6 members

20% for groups over 8 members

30% discount for children up to 12 years

30% discount for guests travelling in their own vehicle on the one-day rides (minimum 2 riders),

or 15% on the more day rides

up to 40% discount for non-riders depending on trail

Please apply for your discount when booking. Otherwise full amount will be charged automatically. Discounts are not summable.

What does the price include?

All prices listed on our page include your private transport from and to Quito, national park entrance fee and registration, horses and equipment, professional multi-lingual guide, all meals and beverages during the trip, accommodation in case of the multiple day rides as well as optional foto stop at the Mitad del Mundo. Our prices are calculated as low as possible but as high as necessary to offer fair pay to our employees, third outfitters, drivers and guides, give a certain support to the local community, to ensure your safety and well-being, to maintain trails, gear and transport vehicles in good estate, and most of all, to be able to keep our horses happy and healthy, cause they are what makes the difference in your experience!

What are your opening hours and days?

We operate all year round, 7 days a week, except Dezember 25th and January 1st. For visitors who want to arrive in their own vehicle, visiting hours run from 10 am to 16 pm (latest arrival time 2pm). Every visit or booking needs to be advised at least with a 24 hours notice.

What languages do you speak?

Our guides are happy to communicate with you in English, German, French or Spanish. Often, we also count on volonteers from other countries and can serve such exotic languages as Swedish, Norwegean, Dutch, Tchec and others.

What will the weather be like?

A question no-one is able to answer. Not even from today to tomorrow. Not even from now to the next hour. Not even the local farmers can tell. Most of all not the international weather channel that is predicting rain the whole year through, even though we don't get a drop of water! A national weather forcast does not exist, as the weather in the Andes is extremely local and fast changing, and really not predictable. The weather in the crater is also very different from the weather in Quito. Very roughly, rainy season runs from November to April/May, dry season from June to October, but it can always rain in the dry season and be totally dry for weeks in the rain season. If sunny, the sun is very strong and intense. If raining, it typically rains in the afternoon when we're finished or nearly finished with the ride. The rainy season is specially nice, as the landscape then is green, lush, and everything on flower. Therefore, the only correct answer to this question is: always bring good sun- and rain-protection for the ride.

How will the altitude affect us?

Not at all! Our riding area is located significantly lower than Quito and in contrary to the city, the air is clean and fresh. If you should have problems with acclimatizing to Andean altitude, visiting our crater is the best way to do it slowly and to take it slow.

What risks do I take?

The biggest risk is a sun-burn for those who do not protect their skin and pretending to get a nice tan. Our horses are all very well trained, good willing and sure-footed. Therefore, we register an extremely low percentage of accidents. Nevertheless, horses are living beings, so could get scared by certain circunstances, could slip or act unforseen. Trails are demanding. Most problems we witnessed have been caused by riders not following the rules. You have to be aware that you will be riding on your own responsability and that neither guide nor ranch can be held liable for any damage. Yet, with highly professional guides, good natured horses, clear safety instructions, as well as helmets and other safety equipement at your disposition, you're chosing one of the best riding options with us.

Do I need any special vaccination?

No.There are no risky diseases in our riding area, nor dangerous animals or plants. No yellow fever or malaria prophylaxis necessary. The common vaccins e.g. against rabies or Tetanus always make sense though.

The lower elevation than Quito, with its clear and fresh air, has been proven to be very helpfull for acclimatization and effective against altitude disease.

Can we make a stop at the Mitad del Mundo?

If you'd like to take advantage of the fact that our road passes by the Mitad del Mundo, and avoid travelling to San Antonio again on another day, we can offer you two options: Either a 5 minutes foto-stop at the main Equator monument on the way back to Quito, or if you wish to visit the interesting Intiñan sun museum on the GPS equator (guided tour of about an hour), we can leave you at the entrance and you can easily take a bus or taxi back home from there. Also, if you keep on travelling towards Mindo, we can help you to avoid travelling back to Quito and connect you directly with your Mindo operator. Let us know.

Is there an option of adding on extra days without riding in the crater and how would that look like?

If you'd like to stay longer in this beautiful and peaceful surrounding, enjoy the area and relax, go hiking or bird-watching, do study works or just hang out in a hammock, and of course also, if you don't want to ride at all, you can ask us about fully equipped independant country-houses for rent per day or week or month.