Green Horse Ranch

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Pululahua Exploration Trail A (1 day)

Smeagol in the Sacred Valley

Transport from Quito to the Green Horse Ranch, inside the National Reserve Pulula- hua, about 25 miles north from Quito. Already the jeep ride is a true experience that offers outstanding picture-stops. From the ranch, robust and amiable mountain horses will take us through the stunning landscape of this ancient volcanic crater - the biggest one on the whole American continent and one of only two inhabited craters in the world - with its constantly changing sceneries and huge biodiversity.

While circling the central lava cone, we witness volcanic history and nature, interesting geological formations, mineral avalanches blooming with wild orchids and traditional Andean agriculture.

Riding time about 3-4 hours. Lunch with panoramic view over valleys and cloud forest covered mountains.

Note: If you're also planning on visiting Mitad del Mundo or Mindo Cloudforest during your stay in Ecuador, you should try to combine these activities with your horseback ride with us. After your visit, we can drop you off at the entrance of Intiñan Solar Museum or hand you over to your Mindo operator of choice in Calacalí, avoiding annoying extra travel days from and to Quito for you.

Price/Person:   120,- USD    (2 - 12 persons)

                            180,- USD    (1 person single fee)

Requirements:  1 to 12 persons with or without riding experience

Same trip with accommodation in the crater, dinner and big breakfast: 190,-USD/ person.