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The Trefoil Trail - (3-4 days)

As on the one- and two-day-trips, we’ll be visiting Pululahua volcano, located right on the Equator, and its highly bio-diverse surroundings and fascinating sceneries.

6-km diameter make it the biggest volcanic crater on the American continent, and it is also one of only two inhabited craters world-wide.

In three different loops, that all together will draw the shape of a trefoil leaf, we shall explore the depths and heights of this surprising area.

The first day is marked by volcanic history and nature, interesting geological formations, mineral avalanches blooming with wild orchids and traditional Andean agriculture.

The second day leads us along deep gorges covered with cloud forest and invites us for a quick dive in a crystal clear volcanic stream. Hiking sections necessary. Shoes with good grip and fitness required.

On the third day, we’ll be riding through lush tropical vegetation, sugar cane, pineapples and bananas, gathering colourful crab-spi- ders at lunch-break, enjoying the sound of the crickets while viewing vultures and hawks sailing above us. Riding along narrow moun- tain ridges, we shall also take a glance on the pre-Inca ruins of Portalanza.

Home-stay accommodation in the mystical surroundings of the crater walls.

Price/person:      415,- USD     (2 to 10 persons)

                             595,- USD             (1 person)


Requirements:   1 to 8 participants with at least some riding                             experience and in good physical shape

Wish a longer stay and explore another interesting riding area? Make it a 4-leaved Trefoil Trail for 555,-USD/person in a group or 790,-USD for single ride.