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Equipment for the trail rides

We will be crossing different climate zones and the temperature on the Equator drops steeply at sundown. Calculate a temperature variation between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. Both light and warm clothes are therefore a must.

The best equipped wear light, long-sleeved tops during the day (these provide protection from sun, thorns and insect bites, too). A sweatshirt, pullover or fleece jacket are required for the cooler parts.

Furthermore, you should bring a jacket (Gore- Tex or similar), rain gear, a hat with brim and solid shoes/boots with a good grip. Wellington boots are available for use, which are better suited to the short marches on foot than proper riding boots, plus protect your legs from the rubbing of the stirrups.

Don't forget your insect repellent, sun-cream, sunglasses, camera, and small water bottle.

For the multiple day rides, we recommend you to pack a small towel, evtl. swim-suite, flip-flop shoes, bandanna, personal medicine and torch/flash-light. Change of clothes, several change of dry socks, and warm clothes for the evenings. For your personal belongings during the ride, we recommend you to bring a fanny-pack or bum-bag. The luggage that travels with us in the car should be packed light, and should be stored in soft bags.

Note: It’ is not mandatory in Ecuador so far, yet always recommendable to ride with a helmet. We have some at your disposition. If you wish to use one, it is best nevertheless to bring your own one, in order to make sure it fits you perfectly.