Green Horse Ranch

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General Conditions

The tour descriptions given above are intended as planned routes. According to the season, weather conditions, natural incidents (e.g. landslide) or manmade interference (e.g. roadwork) changes to the route may get necessary. The company reserves the right to implement such route changes.

If the tour is curtailed early due to the fault of the company or higher natural forces, the participants will receive a refund for the missing days based on a percentage of days cancelled. No refund can be given on other expenses related to the trip, such as airfares, unpaid holidays taken etc.

If the tour is curtailed early due to the participant’s own fault or decision, illness or bad condition, no refund can be given. The longer trail rides are adventurous and demanding. Fitness and adventurous spirit required. Maximum rider weight 90kg or 200 pounds, on 8-day-ride 85 kg.

Instructions from the guide must be followed. Anybody who continually disrupts the group and does not follow the guide's instructions and endangers safety, must reckon with the possibility of expulsion from the tour with no tight to a refund. Participant's suggestions are welcome and will be incorporated into the programme wherever possible.

Tour reservations for the trekking expeditions should be made so early as possible.

In case of booking cancellations, the following fees will apply:
Cancellation over 6 weeks before the ride: We charge 10% administration fee.
Cancellation between 21 and 45 days before the ride: 20% of trip price
Cancellation between 7 and 20 days before the ride: 50% of trip price
Cancellation between 3 and 6 days before the ride: 70% of trip price
Cancellation during the last 48 hours of the ride or no-show: 100% of trip price

The participants are strongly urged to take a travel and health insurance, as our Company can accept absolutely no responsibility for possible accidents or illnesses, which occur during the ride. The agency and guide, as companies and individuals, will not be held liable for any accidents or damage incurred during the tour. Clients participate at their own risk.

While signing up to one of the above named trips, we understand that you accepted these operating conditions.