Green Horse Ranch

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Riding Routes

Our trips lead you through the very heart of the Ecuadorian Andes and their unbroken beauty. Amazing scenery that changes from day to day accompanies us along the rides in and around Pululahua volcano and national park. You have the chance to meet lush green cloud forests as well as desert-like landscapes, deep river canyons and steep mountain slopes, hot sunny valleys and cool windy heights, picturesque farming land and tropical wilderness. Due to the remoteness of the area, overnight stops are basic, though always carefully chosen, cosy and nice. Get into contact with the hidden Ecuador, its people and lifestyle, while enjoying your ride on great, lively and very reliable horses.

Check out our different rides below. For more picture-impressions on a specific itinerary, check the same trip in other languages, too.

Beginners are welcome to participate in our one- and two-day-rides. On our longer trails, required riding level is intermediate to advanced. Maximum rider weight 90 kilos or 200 pounds.

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