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What else to do in Ecuador?

Ecuador is a small country with a big variety that comprises most of South-America's diversity, climates and sceneries between its borders. We happily help you to approach and explore this diversity - not only on horseback!

We work with reliable partners and are happy to link you with other agents, outfitters or special offers. Let us know if you are interested in more information and reservation of the following:

Galapagos Cruises in boats from tourist- to first-class. Snorkel with sealions or watch giant tortoises and funny blue-footed boobies. The world-famous islands are located in the Pacific, about 700 miles west of the Ecuadorian coastline. The animals on the islands have no natural predators and therefore have no fear. You can nearly touch them, and sometimes they touch you...

Hiking and Climbing trips with experienced, licensed guides who will take you either to the top of a snow-capped volcano or guide you along remote grassy and rocky mountain-trails. Some highlights are not to be missed: Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world; Chimborazo's summit is furthest away from the earth's centre, and Cayambe is the only place on earth where you find eternal snow right on the equator.

Jungle trips to the Cuyabeno National Park, one of the Amazon's best-preserved nature resorts. You can explore the wilderness, watch monkeys and river-dolfins, either in silently gliding canoes or with boats from a comfortable jungle-lodge.

Downhill Mountain-Biking from volcanoes and cordilleras, through national parks and off-road. Experience the quick change of climate and vegetation,while cycling down the Andes!

Rafting and Kayak: In 2005, Ecuador was the host of the international Rafting-World-Cup and counts among one of the best places for Wight-water-rafting. More for water-people: First time in Ecuador, you can now also realise guided Kayak-trips through the amazon- and coastal lowland, across Andean lakes and along the coastline. From the water, countryside looks stunningly different!